Holy Pumpkin!

created on: 10/30/08

So, I am a big minimalist and a designer. I wanted to carve a pumpkin, but wanted to make it cool, simple, and different than anything I had seen before. I had the idea to just put a bunch of holes all over the pumpkin. So, I figured the easiest way to do it was to just go grab my drill and start drilling. It only took about twenty minutes. I had no idea how it was going to turn out. I put a candle inside and shut off the lights… and was blown away. It looked great! Everyone loves it and it is a conversation piece whenever we have people over. And the nice thing is that you can drill holes in the top lid, so it doesn’t go to waste.


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Thanks on Oct 28, 2012:

amazing! i am going to try it.. :D

Anonymous on Oct 26, 2012:

I do this every year but put clear marbles in the holes for a 'bejeweled pumpkin'. Thank you Martha Stewart!

kranzoky on Oct 18, 2012:

I am pretty sure it was a 1/4 inch size bit.

Robert on Oct 18, 2012:

Which size bit did you use?

kranzoky on Nov 03, 2008:

It was actually fairly sturdy. It traveled fine. However, it didn't last as long outside as normal pumpkins... mainly due to it not having much off a shell anymore. So, if you would like it to last longer I would recommend drilling the holes farther apart.

kestrel on Nov 03, 2008:

Out of curiosity how well does it travel?  I'd be afraid that it would just fall apart taking it from the kitchen to the porch.  Or did you carve it (drill it?) on board and just leave it there for moving?



livyschoolgirl on Oct 30, 2008:

Love it!

bruno on Oct 30, 2008:

That's sweet! Very creative.

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