How to Make a Strait Jacket

How to make a Strait Jacket!
How to Make a Strait Jacket
To start the Strait Jacket, you will need two cream colored button down shirts, one bigger than the other.  
You will also need 6-8 black or dark brown leather belts. (try to use belts with thinner, smoother leather)
Start with the larger shirt and with a seam ripper, remove the front pocket and all buttons.

Remove collar.

Fold back the button plackets on both sides, pin and stitch down both sides of the shirt.
Fold down neck opening, pin and stitch. 
Next with the smaller shirt, remove sleeves.
Now to extending the sleeves, with the larger shirt laying down flat, align the smaller shirt's sleeves on top of the larger shirt until they match .
Trim excess fabric (sleeve cap) from smaller sleeve and cut off the larger shirt's sleeves right below where they match.
 Fit both sleeves together, pin and sew together on the machine.
Remove both sleeve buttons and sew along both cuff openings to seal arm holes closed.
Now to attaching the belts, cut 4 belts on half and place them on the back of the shirt, converging at the center back line with the buckles on one side and end with the holes on the other. With chalk, mark where you want them placed, and sew them down*.
* You will need leather sewing needles for this part. 
To attach the belts on the front, cut another belt in half and place both halves on vertically on the center front. Mark with chalk, and sew (with leather needles). 
Next you will attach a belt to the sleeves. Place buckle end of the belt on one sleeve, mark and cut the belt. With the remaining part end of the belt, place on the other sleeve, mark and sew both belt pieces onto the sleeves.
If you would like to add holes to the belt, you do so easily with a power drill or a soldering iron.
Congratulations! you have made a straight jacket! Please make sure someone can get you out of that thing!

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