How to make creepy spider web balloons!

How to make creepy spider web balloons!

Perfect for your haunted Halloween party, these spider web balloons–complete with spiders–are clever and easy to make with just a few supplies. Their ‘secret ingredient’ is something called Hi-Float.

Along with the Hi-Float, you’ll need:
11-inch clear latex balloons
Some small rubber spiders.
Clips or plastic disks to seal the balloons.
Air or helium (the second of which is optional)

To make them:
Head on over to Crafty Crafty for the incredibly simple tutorial.

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rose10 on Oct 20, 2008:

I have tried this and it works.


Hi-float is a liquid latex that strengthens balloons. By using just a small amount of hi-float the latex looks like pealing dried glue from your hands!

The type of balloon your require for this affect is a clear crystal balloon (sempertex number 090).


Hope this helps


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