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Nick and Norah Paper Flower CD Case

by on Oct 6, 2008

In honour of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, (which b.t.w is awesome and adorable) here’s an uber-cute and COMPLETELY simple way to wrap mix-tapes (sigh… remember tapes?) for your best girl (or guy).   

created on: 10/06/08

You’ll need:

  • A square bit of paper, 12″x12″ (or 30cm) I’ve used velum scrapbook pages, ’cause they were exactly the right size and purdy.
  • A protractor. Like in school!
  • some scissors and a pencil
  • a carefully thought out mix cd with which to woo your sweetie. (or any cd you like!)

I’ve made a template on tougher card to better show the measurement’s and so I can make lots of cases without fooling around with a protractor every time. The basic shape is this:

created on: 10/06/08

1. To get this shape, you draw around a cd then mark the dead center of the hole with a little x.

2. Use your protractor centered over your x and draw lines every 60 degrees. Your circle should be dissected like a pie. Mmmmm, pie.

3. Now carry your lines out past the circle. They should be 11 cm from your middle x.

4. Next pop your cd right between the ends of your drawn lines and draw around the curve to get your petal shape, like this:

created on: 10/06/08
5. Mark some little notches a half a cm out from your middle cd circle.

created on: 10/06/08
6. Voila one template! Now cut it out, you’ll only be cutting down the petals to that notch you made.

7. Once you’ve got your template you draw round it onto the pretty paper of your choice. (or you could just skip the template part and mark out the lines on your paper).

Next comes the folding.

8. You fold the first ‘petal’ up between the notches like this:

created on: 10/06/08
9. Then fold back a little flappy bit. See how it’s folded back as far as the lines of the other petals?

created on: 10/06/08
10. Then you do exactly the same thing to the next petal. See how it covers up half of the first petal?                 

created on: 10/06/08
11. Do that to every petal and you should have something that looks like this:

created on: 10/06/08
12. When you reach the last petal you need to tuck it into the first one, peel up the edge of the first petal that you folded like this:

created on: 10/06/08
13. Then tuck the last petal in like this:

created on: 10/06/08
created on: 10/06/08

And Voila, one paper flower CD case. 

Looking for more paper folding inspiration? Check out this DIY lamp project… 

created at: 03/28/2013





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