17+ Uses for Sawdust

17+ Uses for Sawdust

One thing that’s in plenty of supply around here is sawdust. It’s a shame to let that beautiful fluff go to waste, so here’s 17+ ideas to put it to good use. Remember...these apply to REAL wood sawdust, not MDF. Also, you'll want to use common sense when it comes to using sawdust from pressure treated wood as well.

1. Mix it with white paint to make fake snow.
2. Use it for traction on slippery roads.
3. Soak up spills in the shop or garage.
4. Feed your plants with it, except if it’s walnut sawdust.
5. Make fire starters.
6. Fill holes and defects in wood.
7. Use it to pack a path.
8. Use walnut sawdust to kill weeds.
9. Lighten the heft of mixed cement.
10. Use it as a floor cleaner.
11. Use it as animal bedding, except for walnut.
12. Put it in a meat smoker for some interesting results
13. Use it as fuel. Click on this link to see how to build and use a sawdust stove.
14. Stuff homemade pincushions with it, or....
15. Stuff a dog’s bed with it.
16. Mix it with mud for a facial.
17. Absorb used turpentine and mineral spirits with it. (In many cities you can throw these away if they are dry. Otherwise, in liquid form, they have to go to a recycling center.)

To go about putting the first 10 ideas practice, go to  thisoldhouse.com. For the remaining hints--and many more--check out toolcrib.com.

'Key and Sawdust' by Le Consul via flickr.

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Anonymous on Oct 26, 2015:

Clean oil/grease off of your hands and hand tools.

popopaj5t on Jul 11, 2015:

You mentioned close to this, but, I use saw dust to clean motor oil spilled on driveway when changing oil.  Sometimes a car may have small leak, again sprinkle a little sawdust, walk over it or let it sit for a while.  It gets the oil up.  Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Bob Gales on Sep 22, 2013:

Use it on your walkway in the winter instead of salt..it's easier to sweep up than salt and other stuff when it is tracked into the house..and it's good for the environment..and it costs me nothing.

thompsonsaraht on Sep 16, 2008:

Fill the litter box!!  I recently discovered pine cat litter.  The kind I buy at the store is mixed with guar gum, to help it clump I guess.  I have eight cats and you don't smell the litter boxes at all, I love it.  Won't use anything else.

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