13 Creative Ways to Re-Use Old CD Cases

1. For the photogs:
    You can use it as is or add a little patterned flare for some personality.

13 Creative Ways to Re-Use Old CD Cases

2. For the restauranteur:
    Use them to hold your customers’ bills.
    Display your menus.
    Use them to hold promotional material.

3. For the Cover Girl wannabes:
    Turn them into a makeup pallet box;
    Or even a compact makeup station.
4. For the organized:
    Revamp that old case into a desktop calender;
    Or perhaps a desktop planner.

5. For the collectors:
    CD cases make for good transportation of your precious collections, such as coins and stamps.
6. For the artist:
    A little deconstruction will turn a CD case into a pencil case.
7. For the jewelry wearer:
    Use them as necklace holders;
    Or even portable jewelry boxes.
8. For the music lover:
    Turn an old CD case into a new CD cleaner. Especially brilliant!!

To view individual tutorials of these ideas, head on over to lifehakery.com.

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