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Another Light Cover

by on Aug 24, 2008

This is yet another way to temporarily hide a less than ideal light fixture. You’ll need:

  • Some garden or jewellery wire.
  • Some glue.
  • Some paper.

Wrap your wire around your light fixture, avoiding direct contact
with the bulbs. If you’re got unsecured electrical wires then a. don’t
try this and b. call your super!

Cut out some shapes from your
paper, You could draw something freehand or try googling flower
silhouettes, but bear in mind that you will have to cut out LOTS of
these so the more intricate they are the more time they will take to
cut out. You could also try your local craft store, pre-cut
scrapbooking pieces might be a more efficient but more expensive

Secure 1 flower shape to your wire with strong white glue. Then top with another one. Repeat a bunch of times!

Start from the center, again avoiding direct contact with you
(energy saving) light bulbs. Work your way out until there are no
‘holes’.created on: 08/24/08

The Idea and pictures are by Christine Truchet in Idees et Tendances, translated (badly) by me.



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