$5 DIY: Simple Woven Paper Wall Art

$5 DIY: Simple Woven Paper Wall Art

Decorating the walls of your home makes a huge difference in its appearance and its feeling as a comfortable, personal space, but the cost of art and frames can add up very quickly. One of my favorite tricks for creating beautiful wall art is patterned cardstock, and this time, I mixed two patterned papers and several bright colored pieces of cardstock to create this simple woven paper wall art that can cost you less than $5. It's as simple as cutting strips of paper!

 There are so many beautiful options for patterned cardstock, and when you mix together two patterns with colors that complement them, you can create a really unique piece of artwork that will absolutely grab your guests' attention. 

You won't believe how easy it is!


  • Solid colored cardstock
  • Patterned cardstock
  • Paper cutter
  • Frame with mat


Cut about 20 even 1-inch strips of various colors of cardstock and patterned paper. Measurements are for an 8 x 10 in frame, but the number of strips may vary according to frame size.


Lay about 8 strips side by side on a flat surface. You can either weave the papers by themselves and move it once finished or do it on top of a frame mat (in which case, you'll want to place paper strips upside down; see photo below Step 3).


Begin weaving another strip of paper through the 8 pieces currently laid out. The first piece will be the most difficult. Continue weaving until you have a large enough piece to fill the frame. If needed, use clothespins to hold the top strips in place and make weaving subsequent strips easier. 


Carefully place the woven paper art inside of the frame mat. To prevent movement, you may want to tape the top and bottom pieces to the mat, particularly when the frame is larger than the paper. 

Then it's ready to display! Not only is this DIY incredibly inexpensive to make, it comes together in less than 10 minutes, so filling your walls with art doesn't have to be difficult at all. 


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