Foam Doam Homes

Foam Doam Homes

Check out these easy-to-assemble, pre-fab homes by Japan Dome House Co., Ltd. They're made of polystyrene which means they won't rot, rust or attract termites. They're also said to resist earthquakes and typhoons, and because the walls are treated with a flame retardant, they won't give off toxic fumes if they should catch on fire. The dense, 7 inch thick walls have superior insulating properties, meaning they're extremely energy efficient.  The individual pre-fab pieces of the home weigh about 175 pounds each and can be assembled in just a few hours. After assembly, the outside is slathered in a few coats of mortar and finished off with a coat of paint. For more information and pictures, visit Pink Tentacle.

Dome house interior.

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jessica on Oct 28, 2010:


DIY Maven on Aug 13, 2008:

They DO look like Tatooine, now that you mention it! Luke's digs never looked that  spiffy on the interior, though! 

ModHomeEcTeacher on Aug 12, 2008:

I thought of the town in The Grinch. 

lilybee on Aug 12, 2008:

Oooooh. They look like Tatooine. Cool.

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