Softie Book Ends

This weekend in Toronto was genuinely rubbish, wet and windy and yuck. The sort of weather that kicks good intentions in the pants. I had meant to Clear, Organize and generally Improve my closet spaces this weekend. (18 months is more than enough time to acquire a bunch of stuff). Instead I curled up reading, which lead me to make these fellows.

created on: 08/11/08


They are Harald and Alec, Heraldic Lions and book ends for my baby's room.

Here's what I used.

  • 2 Lion shaped soft toys (probably best not to use a treasured furry chum).
  • 2 Cans of Beans. (Heinz, no less, the English kind.)

First I surgically opened up the softies at the back seam like this:

created on: 08/11/08

I extracted some of his stuffing then jammed the can of beans into the cavity (the poor fellow).

created on: 08/11/08

Then I sewed him up. And popped a few stitches into his legs to 'encourage' him to sit straight.

The pair of them hold quite a few books with out tipping over but I imaging if the beans weren't doing it you could add supplementary weight in the shape of curtain leads or something.

created on: 08/11/08

'Probly best not to let small persons fool around with these guy's as they are now essentially a cute-looking improvised cosh.


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