created on: 08/04/08

I saw these delicious wallpaper birdies on a post over at Ohdeedoh just before I went away and instantly wanted them or something like them, so instead of packing like I should have been I bungled together a DIY version, using Origami Paper and this website here which has lovely anatomically correct birdy silhouettes.

created on: 08/04/08


You can probably figure it out yourself but what I did was:

  • choose a bird whom I liked the shape of, in this case a sparrow.
  • printed it out then traced the shape onto the origami paper
  • attached them to the wall of Ted's room using a spot of folded over masking tape.

Since I have been back I discovered their providence and was ASTOUNDED by how much they cost.

The top picture is from here.

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Jekyph on Aug 21, 2008:

I know this is old, but I saw this a while back and have been planning on incorporating some of these DIY birds into my bedroom. Thanks for the idea! I'm going to use scrapbook paper since it is a little heavier and you can find it in those cool vintage-y prints. I'll let you know how it turns.

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