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Curbly Video Podcast: How to Make a Zen Garden on a Budget

by on Jul 25, 2008

My sister Barbara was shopping for a zen rake, and it occurred to her that I should make a zen garden for Curbly. Well, here it is…a zen garden on a budget. (Thanks for the idea, sis!)

Stuff you’ll need:

A thick-ish picture frame; 8″ x 10″ works well. (I found the perfect specimen at the thrift store for $2.80. Sweet.)

A glue gun and glue sticks

Beach sand (Since I don’t live in an area notorious for its lovely beach sand, I had to buy some at the craft store for $2.99)

Smallish stones, a votive candle, etc. for decorating your zen garden.

A fork (I found a silver-plated one at the thrift store for 60 cents) OR a zen rake. (I made mine out of doweling using this Instructable.)

Stuff you’ll do:

Check out the vid below!

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