How to make conversational task clips.

Yesterday while surfing, I came across these ‘Importance Task Clips’ at Perpetual Kid (12 for $7.99). I thought they were a clever organizational tool and--better yet--totally diyable!

What you need:

several medium-sized (1 1/4") binder clips
a label-maker OR
an extra-fine-point paint pen (I used an opaque white)

created on: 07/18/08

What you do:

For the label option, you’ll want to experiment with the ‘width’ function on your label maker. I set my P-Touch (model PT-80) to ½ width size so the letters are skinnier. Then, you just type, print and trim your labels to fit the clips. I applied one label to the top of the clip and another to one of the sides.

For the paint pen option, I’d suggest choosing short words, so they fit. Again, I ‘painted’ the words on the top of the clip and on one of the sides.

created on: 07/18/08

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DIY Maven on Jul 23, 2008:

Sandra, I'm glad the clips have made life a bit easier around the admissions office! (And thanks for the friend request!)

SandraE on Jul 22, 2008:

THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING IDEA! I work in the Admissions Office of a Law School and i have tons of paperwork to process and file...I saw this post while at work and right away i made myself these binder clips on the spot. INSTANT Organization! Now my co-workers (and I) know exactly what the stacks of papers are on my desk. Thanks for the simple but genious idea :)

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