Tutorial: Noren - Traditional Japanese Fabric Dividers.

Japanese sewing machine company Janome offers a great tutorial and a bit of info on noren (æš–ç°¾) : traditional japanese fabric dividers that are hung on walls, windows, doorways, or in between rooms. Simply join the pieces, hem, then reinforce by sewing a triangle. They provide tips for adding traditional embroidery, but I think they look mighty sharp in a basic mod fabric, as below, from Whip Up.

Tutorial: Noren - Traditional Japanese Fabric Dividers.


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lilybee on Jun 27, 2008:

Ten four on the 'loo door thing... But they also use these as kind of classy open/closed signs in bars and restaurants in Japan

DIY Maven on Jun 27, 2008:

A fabric door on a bathroom....yeah....not so much. Other installations, absolutely.

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