How to Crochet a Neckline

For your next t-shirt reconstruction, shake things up a bit with a 70s-inspired crocheted neckline!  Take a trip with Threadbanger to visit Cal of Hodge Podge and learn how to do this unique craft! For more details, watch the video, and for more DIY style, subscribe to Threadheads on iTunes




Old t-shirt
Tiny steel crochet hook (usually for lace/doilies)
Size E crochet hook
Needle with a large eye

How to Crochet a Neckline

In order to do this project, you need to know the basics of crocheting! Wanna learn? Check the How to Crochet blog or video :)

**If you run out of string, take a new strand and layer the beginning part on top of your ending string. You will crochet with this double string for a little bit, until the old piece completely ends. **

1. Cut a big scoop neck into the shirt. The piece you cut out of the neck you will use to cut into scraps.

2. Take an oval shape, and cut skinny strips (about 1/4 inch) in a sprial around the oval until you reach the center. 

3. Wind your strip into a ball, stretching it as you do so.

4. Make a slip knot in your strip and put the loop on your tiny steel crochet hook. 

5. Take the hook and poke it about a 1/4 inch into the neckline edge of the t-shirt. 

6. Make a single crochet stitch.

7. Do 6 chain stitches, then move an inch over and poke into the shirt again. 

8. Repeat the crochet pattern of a single stitch, 6 chains, and poke a hole until you've gone all the way around the neckline.

9. Insert the hook into your very first single crochet.

10. Do a slip stitch so that you connect your new row to the old row. Do a couple more slip stitches so that you are positioned at the top of the first loop. Now you can begin working into each loop to begin a new pattern. 

11. Switch to your bigger crochet hook. Do a single crochet into the first loop.

12. Do 6 chain stitches. Then do a single crochet in the next loop. Repeat until you are at the beginning again.


13. Put your hook into the first single crochet stitch, and do a slip stitch to connect. Then do a few more slip stitches so that you're at the top of the loop again.

14. The next round, repeat but do 5 chains for each loop so that the neckline will start getting smaller and pull together.

15. When the third row is done, join with a slip stitch into the first single crochet stitch.

16. To finish off: Cut the string a couple inches away, do one last chain stitch, and pull the tail all the way through. Pull it tight. Take a needle and weave the end in. Then you're finished!


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Bita on Jun 23, 2014:

Awesome, I'm going to try this - thank you for sharing.  Did you use a regular t-shirt?  Looks like the grey one you are wearing is sort of 'sweater-ish'?  Do you have more pictures of how your shirts turned out?  thanks!!

Cheryl Moore on May 06, 2012:

I love this! Thanks for posting! I found this because my daughter and I were at the mall and we saw tshirts that were cut in half and crocheted all around and then the two halves were crocheted together. We thought that was SO cool and I crochet so I thought, "Wow! I can do that!" So, my daughter gave me an old tshirt and I Googled a little more and happened to run across your post. I'm going to try it. Thanks! :)

sandists on Jun 28, 2008:

Found your post while searching for lace doilies. Love the neckline - will bookmark this page!

Sandi from Sandi's T's

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