How To Create Wall Art With Electrical Tape

Electrical tape. My dad firmly believes that electrical tape can be used to fix anything, from lamps to broken hearts. I've used it here to give my balcony wall a temporary Mondrian kick.

created on: 06/21/08

To do this you'll need:

  • A roll or two of electrical tape
  • a spirit level
  • a few coloured acetate sheets
  • a craft knife.

First give the wall a quick swipe with sugar soap or something, as stickiness and dirt are mortal enemies. Next roughly plot your design on paper, it doesn't have to be to scale or anything.

Now you'll need to create a 'frame' for your piece. Mark out the long lines using a spirit level and a pencil then apply a one long piece of tape for each side, pressing it down firmly as you go

created on: 06/21/08

Next mark out your design in pencil, again, using your trusty spirit level.

created on: 06/21/08
I did this one square at a time, so I could make adjustments to my design when something didn't look right.

Then comes the tape, I wasn't too fussy about getting the lengths exactly right as I trimmed the excess off with a craft knife. If you're worried about scratching your walls then a bit of measuring might be in order.

created on: 06/21/08

To attach the acetate bits you simply cut them to size then tape around their edges.

Keep going until you're happy with the way your wall looks!


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Ashley @ DesignBuildLove.co on May 13, 2011:

looks fantastic!  So innovative and fun!

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2010:

In case you're feeling frisky, I used to work in industrial electrical construction in college, and they make that tape in about every color of the rainbow.  I'd like to see what you do with more than just black.

Jess on Aug 05, 2009:

I love this idea. You can get really creative with this! I just came across a company called Phogos. Phogos are custom wall graphics from your own digital camera. I got a mural made from a picture of a sunset I took on vacation. It completely changed the look and feel of the room, and it was my own picture which made it really special to me.


Faynilla on Aug 11, 2008:

i love this! as my dad is an electral inspector and used to have his own electrical company, he would even appreciate this, and hes a rough neck

DesigningMom on Jul 15, 2008:

What would we do without electrical or duct tape? This is an awesome use of the first. I would think you could use contact paper for the colored sections if you couldn't find acetate sheets.

DIY Maven on Jun 25, 2008:

Love it!

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