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How to Make a Button Necklace

by on Jun 20, 2008

These little buttons always seem to collect from events, gifts, political races, concerts, and such.  Do you ever do anything with them besides let them sit around the house?  Put them to use!  Here, Threabanger forum member Mama Sass shows us how to take the buttons and turn them into a far-out necklace. Thanks so much to Mama Sass for teaching us how to do this, and to Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book. For more information, check out the video!  For more DIY stuff from Threadheads, subscribe on iTunes





Bunch of buttons
Wire Cutters
Needle Nose Pliers
Necklace Chain
Block of wood/hard surface

1. Take one of the buttons and pull the pin part back with the needle nose pliers. 


A 1" metal disk displays identifying numbers.

2. Cut off the tip of the point part very carefully with your wire cutters

A person crimping a piece of metal.

Flip the button over and punch a hole with your nail and hammer on the
opposite side of where the point part was. They’re a little slippery,
so be careful and find a way to hold it in one place.



Pounding a button with a hammer on a block of wood.


A bright blue button with a pink star being held with two hands.

4. Depending on how long you want your necklace, you’re going to prepare about 20 buttons.

Connect your pins by putting the wire/pointy piece into the punched
hole of the next one so that they are layered on top of each other


A small metal casing with numbers inside.


A person with red nail polish holds two pins over a wooden square with a smiley face painted on it.

6. Take your needle nose pliers and pull the wire back to lock it in place.


A hand with red nail polish is holding a piece of metal over a block of wood with a yellow happy face on it.

Continue connecting all of your buttons. Be aware that even though you
cut the point tip off, the wire is still sharp so you want it be turned
under as much as possible so it doesn’t scratch you.


A wooden block with colorful buttons lying on it.

8. Poke a second hole in the button all the way at the end so you can connect your chain.


The edge of a red and a grey pin on button on a silver chain.

9. Add your second necklace piece to the opposite end, and you are done!


Necklace made of group of buttons on a chair.

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