How to Make a Picnic Blanket Backpack Out of T-shirts

Do you have an abundance of extra t-shirts lying around that you have no use for? Do they not fit you or are they too worn out? Well, with the help of Threadbanger you can take those t-shirts and make your own Picnic Blanket Backpack! All you need is 10 shirts to make blanket, backpack, and even pillow. So whip one up and go outside! For more information, watch the video, and for more Threadbanger diy style, subsribe to Threadheads on iTunes!

How to Make a Picnic Blanket Backpack Out of T-shirts

Materials: 10 old t-shirts, serger or sewing machine, scissors, ruler, pins, pencil

1. Take out one of the shirts, measure a 12 by 15 inch rectangle, and pin the front and back layers together. Use a straight edge to connect your points, cut out the square, and you will have 2 equal rectangles.

2. Repeat with 7 more shirts and you will have a total of 16 squares.

3. Place 2 squares wrong side together, pin one side, and sew a seam. Use a serger, or if you don't have one, a small zigzag stitch and cut the extra fabric from the seams.

4. Continue connecting squares until you end up with four rows of four squares.

5. Now sew all your rows together and sew a seam around the entire thing.


Blanket portion of the bag, finito!

6. Take out a large scrap and cut out two straps that are 20 inches by 4 inches. Serge or sew around the the edges of both straps.

7. Cut a rectangle measuring measuring 12 by 10 inches. Finish the edges of that rectangle as well.

8. Lay the blanket right side up. Fold in two sides then fold it in half. Now fold it up from the bottom square by square.



9. Pin your rectangle piece to the very back panel, flip it over, and mark where the ties go.


10. Open it all up again and pin your straps to the appropriate panel.

11. Use a straight stitch to attach your flap and two straps.

12. Make two holes in the flap, then cut two 20 by 2 inch strips and sew around the edges.


13. Now sew the strips to the appropriate panel using a straight stitch.

So you may be asking yourself, "What are we gonna do with all these scraps?!"


Simple: We're gonna make a pillow!

14. Cut the scraps into smaller strips, then cut two more 12 by 15 inch squares. Serge around 3 sides, stuff it with your scraps, then serge around the 4th side.



And voila! Pilllllllllow!

15. Now just fold the pillow up inside the blanket, tie it up, and go get yo'self some nature!



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Rmay on Apr 15, 2012:

This is awesome! Going to dig out t-shirt tonite to mak tomrw

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