5 Very Good Things to Make Out of Seashells

Seashell season is upon us. Instead of bringing them home from the beach and simply depositing them in a clear glass bowl, we might want to try a few of these really cool ideas from the Queen of Good Things.

How about making seashell string lights?

5 Very Good Things to Make Out of Seashells

Or perhaps seashell candles?

created on: 06/05/08

Keepsake place cards for a beach side wedding--or beach-themed party--couldn't be more appropriate!

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Large shells would make fabulous bookends.

Super simple to make, but super lovely is this seashell night light.




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Anonymous on Apr 21, 2012:

I like the candle :P

TheHome on Jun 05, 2008:

Love those shell lights on the string!!!  Very inventive!

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