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It got me to thinking about how to build a bookshelf with my poor carpentry skills.

Mostly this consists of hardware store parts.

  • 3ft threaded rods around $7.50(cut to fit depth of the shelf)

  • bunch o' nuts about $1.25.

  • 30ft of chain around $17.70 (be sure to get something with some serious weight rating, mine is either 300 or 600lb.)

  • Shelf boards around $10 (mine are discount 5ft-ers)

  • eye screw with Ring around $2.50 each

Total $42-45


Just measure out your studs (or borrow a stud finder) mine ended up about 4ft apart, or 3 stud spaces. just right for my 5ft shelves.

Drill in and be sure you hit wood.


First part looks a little naughty:

Naughty livingroom.


Cut your chain to the desired length. Mine are 15 ft, I figured about 7ft tall with a foot for some angle from the wall (just a guesstimate, and it's also way to long, I'll snip it before it's finished.).


I tested my setup prior to painting.


Got it level on the second try. woohoo


Shelf on the hanger.

I dont care too much about my walls, so they are resting against the wall.  


 and this is the top of the final product. 



Minus a couple shelves.



Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for the comment Alex; it seems pretty solid, I hope I dont end up needing that wall repair post :)   

 Any ideas for book ends?   Critics are welcome too, think it looks tacky?


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Em on Apr 22, 2012:

I just found this last week and LOVED it!  So I made my own on Wednesday.  It's fabulous!  It went together easily and look so good.  I know you posted this in 2006, and here it is, 2012, which proves good style never go out of style!  Thanks!

Tonie on Apr 15, 2012:

I have been trying to come up with a great way to add storage space to my kitchen, and dreamt about a design similar to this one! So I am so happy you shared. Does anyone have any ideas on what to put over the back of the rods if I do care about my walls?

Bobee on Jun 18, 2010:

That looks sweet! i dont think it looks tacky at all!!!!! And i agree joye68 it would totally give texture to a room!

joye68 on Aug 19, 2007:

Nice use of materials. I like the small link chain over cabling here. In our plain, cozy spaces this would give the room some visual texture. I like it.

baconthecat on Apr 16, 2007:

That is a really neat design! By painting the shelves a darker color, you make it seem more elegant and classy.

ekrajniak on Dec 27, 2006:

Fabulous.  I've been trying to come up with new shelving ideas...I love this. 

Well Done :)


alexrussell on Dec 14, 2006:

Great DIY project. There's so much flexibility in materials, too. But you're right when you say, make sure you hit wood. Otherwise, somebody had better write a good wall patch post pretty soon.

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