How to Get on a TV Design Show

How to Get on a TV Design Show

(A small outdated kitchen before a visit from Divine Design.)

If you’re a fan of HGTV, then you’ve probably daydreamed about having a team of designers come into your home or garden and having at it. If you’d like to bring your fantasy to fruition, here are some steps to help get you there.

  • First watch a bunch of make over shows and pick the one/s that suit your style.
  • Surf the web to see which shows are looking for people willing to volunteer their rooms/gardens for make overs. The best place to look is HGTV, but you can find listings under TV/Film/Video on Craig’s List.
  • After you’ve picked the show, you’ll probably need to fill out an application and send photos.After you’ve sent your submission, wait.
  • If you’re chosen, Congratulations!, but don’t expect perfection if you’re on a show with a tight budget. Hey, maybe it’ll turn out great, maybe it won’t, but you’ll have had an experience of a lifetime!

For more help on your road to stardom, visit tlperl’s article on eHow.

(A small outdated kitchen after a visit from Divine Design.)

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