Make your own SUPER lubricant!

Make your own SUPER lubricant!

First, it’s not that kind of lubricant. It’s the kind you use on things like squeaky hinges, drill bits and fire arms. This recipe comes from my friend Don, who has christened it as ‘the best [oil] you will ever use’, and if Don says it’s so, it’s so. Believe me. What makes it special is that unlike most lubricants it isn’t too thick or too thin. Simply put, it works and it lasts. The recipe is an adaptation of the Marine Corps Armorers’; it makes 3 quarts, which, if it seems like a lot, you can always share! (With the exception of Shooter's Choice, you should be able to find all the ingredients at a good automotive store.)

Super Lubricant

One quart Dextron III Transmission Fluid
One quart 5W30W Mobile 1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil
One 16 oz can Marvel Mystery Oil
One 4 oz bottle Shooter's Choice FP 10 Gun Oil
One 15 oz can STP (Blue Bottle)

After you mix these together, Don says to pour your new Super Lubricant back into the bottles you just emptied. Thanks, Don!


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Frank on Sep 23, 2015:

Who is this guy Don ? 

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