How to Make Silk in 6 Steps


Designboom has a fascinating pictorial of the traditional silk making process of the craftspeople in a small  village in north-east Tailand. Starting with silk worms, which aren't actually worms, and ending with luscious fabric, the photos illustrate the proceedure in 6 steps.

Step 1: Raising silkworms & harvesting cocoons.

How to Make Silk in 6 Steps

Step 2: Thread extraction:

Step 3: Dyeing.


Step 4: Spinning.

Step 5: Weaving.

Step 6: Ikat (binding).

Designboom will soon sell hand-made silk scarves made from this village.

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evey hammond on Jan 11, 2018:

in response to wright gregon
they use a large hook in the boiling cocoon water and it catches the loose threads of the cocoons which they draw up through the eyelet and then start to reel to get it ready for the de-gumming and the spinning .

wright gregon on Jan 10, 2018:

i understand how silk is made, but how is the "end" of the thread found on the cocoon?

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