10 Fabulously DIY-able Headboard Ideas

10 Fabulously DIY-able Headboard Ideas

BHG ups the ante on the DIY upholstered headboard with these super easy and super fast ideas!    

First up, 3 hollow-core doors are painted black and then stacked vertically for some serious visual impact.

created on: 05/01/08

And speaking of doors, a wood paneled door, again sitting vertically, gives that Pottery Barn feeling on the cheap.

created on: 05/01/08

We’ll go a little shabby-chic next with this shutter installation.

created on: 05/01/08

For a cottage theme, this section of picket fence could look charming in a little girl’s room.

created on: 05/01/08

Need architectural interest in your bedroom? Consider using architectural salvage as a headboard.

created on: 05/01/08

PVC pipe comes out of the bathroom and goes to the bedroom in this canopy made of said PVC pipe that has been draped with an inexpensive twin sheet.

created on: 05/01/08

Need storage space? Using a shelf as a headboard might be just the thing!

created on: 05/01/08

Here a room divider makes an interesting headboard.

created on: 05/01/08

A collection of framed prints serve as this chic ‘headboard’.

created on: 05/01/08

And finally, an update to the upholstered headboard is this collection of upholstered squares.

created on: 05/01/08

For even more, albeit mostly upholstered, headboard ideas, visit BHG

Looking for something more modern? Try this one...

created at: 03/27/2013

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Cory on Sep 08, 2013:

I mostly love the bookself headboard, it looks great and is so useful

Cory on Sep 08, 2013:

I mostly love the bookself headboard, it looks great and is so useful

LindsayThePhotographer on Apr 23, 2012:

Yes, how did you secure the PVC pipe?  I want to do this. 


Barbie on Feb 09, 2012:

Love the doors and the picket fence.  I have a picket fence that I'm going to use for a headboard in our lake house. 

Mommitaxi on Jan 31, 2012:

I love the shutters one... but really looking for something that I can have hooked to the bedframe... Not stuck to the wall.. How would I secure the shutters better so that I can attach them to the bedframe instead of the wall???


Tiffany on Jan 09, 2012:

How did you secure the PVC pipe?

Niña on Dec 08, 2011:

Lovely ideas there! my favorite was the one made from the PVC pipe !


Tammy on Oct 02, 2011:

how did you secure the three hollow core doors?

Nancy on Feb 22, 2011:

I love the picket fence!  We have a beach theme for our little girl's room, and considered making her bed look like an Adirondack Chair.  She's not quite 2, so she's not ready for a "big-girl" bed yet, but brainstorming for her, and when we move our 4 year old boy out of his toddler bed to give to her, and put him in a twin bed - hate to buy a whole bed, when we've got the base metal frame in the attic, but I hate the way a bed looks when it is sitting by itself with no headboard.  But I hate the prices of beds!

arlene on May 13, 2009:

really great ideas, very chic and by no means cheap-looking, thanks good looking out!

DIY Maven on May 02, 2008:

Yeah...really! I love the idea of the door/s. 

ModHomeEcTeacher on May 01, 2008:

Ready to do a BIG ole' Tutorial???

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