How To Apply Images to Enamel Jewelry.

Indie Fixx teamed up with artist Andrea Oda for a helpful tutorial on applying custom images to enamel pendants and other jewelry. The instructions are for an electric ceramic pottery kiln, but seems totally accomplishable. (Is that a word?)

How To Apply Images to Enamel Jewelry.

1. While the kiln is warming up, stick your enamel pieces on a wire shelf to create oxides on the surface of the copper. You can also take your copper piece and fire it with a torch in order for the oxides to form as well.

2. This is what you copper will look like once the oxides have formed on the surface of the copper.

3. It’ll look thick and crusty and will crumble and fall off as you lift it with your tongs so lift them quickly and throw them into a pickle solution that you have warming in any standard crock pot. Pickle can be purchased at any jewelry supply store. I usually have one pickle pot for copper and one for silver since the copper pickle will degrade faster from the oxides that fall off into the solution.

Click the link above for the full tutorial.

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