6 Ways to Use Carpet Scraps (With bonus tips.)

created on: 04/07/08

Last week we had new carpeting installed in the lower level of the house, and it looks marvelous. The scraps left behind, however, do not.

What to do with these rolls of leftovers? Well, you’ll want to keep some for insurance in case you need to ‘patch’ (God forbid) a spot in the future, but for the rest of it Mrs. Fixit has these suggestions:

“1. Hang a patch of carpeting on the wall in your garage where your car door opens. This way if you open the door too fast and hit the wall, it will be protected from dings and scratches.

2. Put some carpeting pile side down on a hardwood floor when you need to move heavy furniture. Place the furniture on top of the carpet and slide it easily without scratching your hardwoods.

3. Use a larger scrap as a throw rug by the back door to wipe your feet. (Note: If using the scrap inside, I would provide some sort of protection on the back of the carpet scrap as the rough backing left exposed will scratch floors and fray carpeting.)

4. In the workshop, put some carpeting across the top of your sawhorse to protect projects from scuffs and scratches.

5. Line the inside of a tool drawer in your workshop with carpet scraps. Your tools will stay in place instead of sliding around getting damaged.

6. Cut a piece of carpeting to size and staple it on the bottom rung of your ladder. You can wipe your feet before you climb up and you'll be less likely to slip.”

Bonus Tips:

MWT and I used leftover carpet scraps to make cat furniture once. Turned out great and the felines loved it. Works great for making homemade scratching posts too.

‘Carpet’ the top of a low footstool to elevate your feet while sitting at your desk. The elevation is good for your lower back and posture and your feet will stay cozy when you kick your shoes off.

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