10 Odd Things to Put in Your Dishwasher

10 Odd Things to Put in Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers can do more interesting stuff than just cleaning your dishes. Here's some other items that could stand a stint in the dishwasher.

10. Glass light fixtures. (Light cycle.)

9. Vegetable brushes and pot scrubbers. (Top rack might be the way to go here.)

8. Plastic baby toys. (Preferably ones without batteries, but even those could survive a stint in the washer. See proof here.)

7. Plastic desktop paraphernalia, like pen cups and paperclip holders. (Top rack.)

6. Silk and plastic flowers. (Light cycle; no heat dry.)

5. Plastic sandals and flip flops.

4. Baseball caps. (Top rack.)

3. Combs and hairbrushes. (In the silverware tray, I’m assuming.)

2. Your computer keyboard. (With some common sense dictating its preparation.)

And finally, the #1 weirdest thing to do with your dishwasher....

Cook salmon. (Without dish soap and rinse agent in the dispensers, of course.)

Compiled from Lifehackery, homefurnish.com and TipNut. Dishwasher pic courtesy of astrangegirl.


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