30 Uses for a Dead Tree.

If you logged on to your local Craigslist, chances are you'd see at least one household with a dead or recently removed tree, begging for someone to help reuse the material. "Cool," you'd say, "but what would I do with a dead tree?"

DIYLife has 30 ideas.

30 Uses for a Dead Tree.
1. Leave it standing.
2. Turn it into yard art.

3. Use planks for fencing.
4. Build a big brush pile for wildlife.
5. Make garden mulch.
6. Use it for firewood and/or kindling.
7. Make garden markers.
8. Make garden stakes.
9. Edge garden beds or walkways.
10. Bury logs or planks along your fenceline discourage animals from diggin.
11. Create a compost bin.
12. Use cross section "slices" as garden stepping stones.
13. Use small blocks to lift planter pots up off the ground, encouraging proper drainage.

14. Make seed platforms
15. Create a hanging feeder
16. In winter, smear peanut butter or softened suet around a small section of branch.
17. Make a birdbath.
18. Build a bird nesting box.

19. Build a bench
20. Build a garden swing seat.
21. Make trunk seats
22. Make a swing for children

23. Create stamps.
24. Make fridge magnets.


25. Create a privacy screen.
26. Make a tree face.
27. Make windchimes.
28. Create sculpture.
29. Carve a plant container.
30. Use a section of trunk for planting flowers.

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Carlos Gonzalez on Sep 28, 2015:

On a recent trip to a furniture store while visiting Italy on vacation, I saw a table that is made out of two dead tree branches with the bark on it. It was a very beautiful table and the picture stayed clearly in my mind. Just a couple of weeks ago I went to a contemporary furniture store in Miami and saw the same table. It was quite expensive but I think well worth it. Turns out that this table was from the same manufacturer in Italy; I enede up buying it.

Imab USA on Jun 24, 2015:

You would be amazed what you can do with the dead tree. There are so many furniture manufacturers today that use innovative ways to create sustainable furniture from dead trees, or for that fact pieces of treas, recylced wood, etc.

Rafael on May 04, 2009:

What I do with dead tree or dead branches, I choose the one that looks like an animal and paint it to make it looks real, they go very good with my patio furniture. There are so much ideas to to have a great patio or yard.


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