Make Costume Jewelry Artwork Collage for your wall

  This idea comes straight out of the 1960's.  It's an easy and creative way to make art from your costume or junk jewelry (any outdated & cheap stuff - nothing valuable of course) - or any other small items that are appealing to you (marbles, small toys, misc. doodads found in your junk drawer?)  The examples shown here were made by my Grandmother and her sister.  When I repaired the larger tree piece, I used Omni-Stick glue, but any waterproof & metal safe glue will work. 



Grandma's Jewelry Tree

I am making two more art pieces for my cousins, using my late Grandmother's vast collection of junk jewelry and a painters canvas painted a neutral color and edged with lace.  Simply lightly trace or free-form your design onto the canvas, lay out the jewelry pieces (with any protruding backs cut off), and then begin gluing.  You'll want to layer, or build-up, the design so it looks 3-D.


This Jewelry Flower Basket was made by my Aunt.  The background appears to be a thin piece of wood covered with small pebbles (like the fish tank rocks) mixed with plaster.  You can get very creative with the background - sandpaper, material, spray-on glue dusted with colored sand or glitter,  that rubber shelf liner stuff, netting, silk leaves or petals - endless possibilities.  



Flower Jewelry Basket


Below is a close-up of the bottom of the Jewelry Tree - towards the edges of the design there is only one layer of jewelry, and it builds up to 3 or 4 layers in the middle.


Close-up of Bottom of Jewelry Tree

 I hope you get some creative ideas from this easy project!





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Sue on Nov 20, 2014:

I would love more instruction on backgrounds and glue since I will be using jewelry from my mom who passed away 4 yrs ago

Linda on Jan 03, 2014:

I have one that someone made my grandpa and they made the tree on wood and drilled holes and placed Christmas lights throughout (all the wiring is in the back) so when plugged in the lights sparkled against the crystals of the jewelry.  I place it in the window every year.

Sandra on Mar 22, 2013:

They are beautiful art works.  What kind of backing are the designs on?  Do you frame them and hang tham up on your walls?  I see this kind of jewelry in thrift stores.

costume jewelry New York on Mar 15, 2011:

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MANDI on Feb 15, 2011:


JessicaPoundstone on Jan 26, 2008:

*Love* the Christmas tree. I have a lot of my grandmother's costume jewelry sitting in storage - this is definitely going into the idea file for next year's Christmas decor!

jeaner on Nov 10, 2007:

OMG These are Beautiful!!! I can see myself getting lost in this!

baconthecat on Apr 17, 2007:

I always see kitschy (and ugly) old jewelry in bargain bins, and never know what I'd do with them... Thanks for this idea!

Sijbrich on Dec 12, 2006:

I think it's a really clever way to display some family heirlooms.  I wish I had a stash of costume jewelry to play around with now.

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