How to fold an origami heart envelope.

How to fold an origami heart envelope.

This is an easy fold and perfect for sending a love note to your Valentine!

What you need:

  • a piece of origami paper--preferably red on one side, white on the other.
  • glue or tape

What you do:

Start with the white side of your paper up. (Square base.)

Fold in half, top to bottom:


Unfold and repeat, folding left to right.

Unfold and turn paper over.

Fold in half, top to bottom.

Unfold and fold in half left to right.

Unfold. Your paper should collapse at its creases like this:

Tuck the sides in...

and flatten the top.

Fold the top layer down like so. When you're done, turn over and repeat on the other side. Both sides of your envelope will look the same at this point.

Fold the top corners toward the center.

Now fold the top points down, like this:

Fold both side points in.

Glue or tape down all four points. (Yeah, I know, tape and/or glue is a no-no in origami.)

Turn over and slip a love note, a piece of chocolate or even a diamond ring into your heart envelope.





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Delia matache on Apr 12, 2012:

:) xD

PikaVu on Feb 10, 2012:


Go here for video. Good luck and Happy Valentines

Anonymous on Feb 06, 2012:

I can't get past the step where you tuck the sides in..its really confusing and not helpful at all.

Rus on Feb 06, 2012:

hello! I packed four corners (you taped them down) inside hart. Look better and no tape/glue! The best heart i found in internet :)

abin on Aug 11, 2011:

nice work i did additional thing and it looks awesome

Josh on Feb 13, 2011:

I'm having the same problem as MBC20

Paper Kawaii on Feb 12, 2011:

Hi there! I just thought I'd let you know that I linked to your post from:

http://www.paperkawaii.com/2011/02/12/heart-origami/Heart Origami

This is a great tutorial, so thank you!

Have a nice day!

DIY Maven on Apr 29, 2008:

Hey MBC20! The sides should pretty much collapse on their own due to the previous folds. You might want to picture the image like this: open your mouth and squeeze in your cheeks with your fingers. Silly, I know, but 3D wise, that's sort of what it looks like :)

MBC20 on Apr 28, 2008:

I can't seem to get past from the step of tucking the sides in... I don't understand it, i don't understand the picture, so i don't know which are the sides I should be tucking in... it's not working for me :S


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