How to clean a vacuum filter.

How to clean a vacuum filter.

The instructions included in your small, handheld vacuum probably say that you should periodically removed the filter and ‘tap clean’ it, meaning you need to smack it against the inside of your garbage can to free the filter of debris. Okay, as I see it, this is lousy advice for two reasons. First, simply tapping the filter doesn’t remove everything. And ‘B’, hitting that thing on the inside of the garbage can makes dust and stuff fly everywhere, which means you have to vacuum the area after you clean the filter. Try this quick and easy tip. (My pops turned me on to this one.)

What you need:

  • a dirty vacuum filter
  • a garbage can
  • an old, soft brush (toothbrushes work GREAT)

What you do:

Holding your vacuum over a garbage can, remove the filter as normal. The big, loose stuff will fall in the can.

Then, take an old soft brush  and gently brush your filter.

When you’re done, your once disgusting-looking filter will look something like this. Much better!

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Steve Walker on Dec 25, 2018:

Finally I will use my collection of old toothbrushes. Thanks fo your tips

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