How to turn soda cans into stars.

How to turn soda cans into stars.

Teag on Craftster shows us how to turn soda cans into stars using a minimum of supplies that include, a tin snips, scissors, Sharpie, hammer, punches, metal ruler and, of course, empty soda cans.

A thumbnail sketch of the procedure goes like this:

  • Rinse out soda can(s)
  • Use a tin snips to remove the top of the can; cut down the printed seam on the can, and then cut off the bottom of the can.
  • Emboss the semi-flat aluminum sheets as desired with a hammer and punches.
  • Trace a star pattern on the sheets with a Sharpie and cut it out with a scissors.
  • Fold the star as shown using a metal ruler as a guide...and that’s it! I think these would be great as outdoor mobiles or even strung to hang as a funky garland around patios and porches and such. Maybe fix them over the bulbs on a strand of twinkle lights, so the light illuminates behind them–or punch holes into the stars so the light shines through them!

For complete instructions and step-by-step pictures, visit teag’s tutorial. Via Craftzine.

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