How to catch a mouse with a toilet paper tube.

How to catch a mouse with a toilet paper tube.

Awhile back Chris Glass had a mouse in the house. After the little critter got a little too cheeky, Chris decided they could not coexist. A toilet paper roll, a cracker and a dab of peanut butter and an hour later, the interloper was captured...humanely. Here’s how he did it.

1. Get a toilet paper tube and crease two lines to form a flat sided tunnel.

2. Put a treat on one end of the tube: A cracker and dab of peanut butter works great.

3. Get a tall (at least 20 inches) bucket. A trash can works well.

4. Balance the tube precariously on the edge of a table or counter with the treat hanging directly over the tall sided receptacle.

5. The mouse will scurry to the treat (they like tunnels) and fall into the trap.

6. Set the fella loose at least a mile away from your abode.

Postnote: It worked within the hour. Also, folks have asked how this could work if you don't have a counter or table. Simple: get a piece of cardboard and crease it to make a ramp up to a small trashcan.

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Yogesh on Nov 12, 2018:


Mareeyah on Sep 22, 2011:

Great idea! What my roommate did before was put a little food in an empty long Pringles can, let it lie on its side on the floor with the opening facing the wall (with just enough gap so a mouse can get in), then very patiently wait until the victim went it, slammed the can's opening to the wall, then very carefully and quickly put the lid on.  But your idea's much better as you don't have to wait near the trap the whole time to capture the mouse.

DIY Maven on May 18, 2009:

Esther, that's a great idea for a series! Of course you can link back to this Curbly post, but Chris Glass will need a big shout out too.

Thanks for the 'link love'!

Esther on May 17, 2009:



I would like to include your mouse trap in an upcoming post on my blog ecopractical.blogspot.com


I'm assembling a serires of toilet paper tube projects and your would make a great addition. Would that be alright? How would you like to be credited?


*smiles* Esther

kumaranoop83 on Jan 23, 2008:

Thanks for this gr8 idea :)

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