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Goodwill Hunting Desk Chair

by on Jan 16, 2008

Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of reupholstering an ugly or stained office chair with seemingly complicated mechanics.  This office chair was purchased at my FAVORITE furniture store-Goodwill, for a whopping $6.99.  I had oodles of a fabric remnant I purchased for $5.99 a yard.  This chair took approximately one yard of fabric.  I am waiting for a website adjustment to post the remainder of the pictures. 


Scissor, band-aid and simple tools to prepare desk chair.

Material:  1 yard fabric

  A swiveling computer chair without arms in a floral pattern.


An upside down pink office chair.A deconstructed chair lays on the floor.Some mirror like things are arranging in the table. Square shaped wooden pieces are covered with fabric to make desk chair.


A tool is being used near a purple colored material.

 The underside of the naked seat of a desk chair.

Stout silver knife on top of wooden table.

The back and the seat if a chair.

A square tan piece of dough is sitting on a white and blue material.

Upholstering desk chair with a printed cloth.

Cotton print desk chair.

 A deskchair wrapped flower clothes

Back side of a desk chair. 

 Mixed prints desk chair.

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  1. So I tried to do this before I saw your blog. The back part of the chair is very different from yours it has a groove where I’m supposed to staple the fabric, I can’t get the staple gun in there. Any suggestions?