Top 5 creative uses for dryer lint.

Top 5 creative uses for dryer lint.

Before you clean out that dryer lint trap, you might want to read these interesting ways to reuse the stuff.

1. Spin it (like wool) into thread and use it to knit or crochet something fabulous. Here's a great little video introducing the spinning process.

2. Use it to make fire starters. This is a recycling two-fer, as you can stuff lint into sections of old toilet or paper towel rolls or you can go DIY crazy, and do the cardboard egg carton and melted paraffin route.

3. Use it to make clay. The recipe can be found here.

4. Make art out of it. Before you scoff, check out Studio Capezzuti.

5. Make paper or paper mache paste out of it. 

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Michael A. Ventrella on Mar 19, 2011:

Here's another dryer lint artist:  http://www.HeidiHooper.com

DIY Maven on Jan 11, 2008:

Yes, there will never be a shortage of dryer lint! I particularly like the idea of making paper out of it.

dropcase on Jan 11, 2008:

We have a ton of the stuff (and there's always more)... Maybe I'll have to turn your list into a checklist.

GoClick on Jan 07, 2008:

With a little epoxy it makes a pretty good composite material for fixing things.

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