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Cheap Christmas Decorating

by on Dec 4, 2006

I spent the entire weekend trying to get my house decorated for the Holidays.  It has to be my favorite time of year!  I am always looking for ways to do things cheap, but classy. My favorite is to “wrap” my pictures on the walls. 

Here is a before photo:




  • Pictures from your wall
  • Christmas Wrapping Paper
  • Ribbons/Bows
  • Old Christmas Cards Cut Out
  • Pictures of family or out of magazines


  1. Lay the picture face down on top of the wrapping paper and cut the paper about three inches around the edges to create a slight overhang.  
  2. Tape the back of the picture being sure not to cover your hanger.
  3. Turn over and decorate with ribbons and bows and old lace or anything you think looks festive or pretty.
  4. When you are done, rehang on the wall for an enjoyable Christmas decoration.

Here is the after photo:

Mantle After Decorating!

 A really fun way to “personalize” these are to use old Christmas cards and tape them in the center of wrapping paper.  My personal favorite is to take pictures of my kids, print them out in black and white and then cut them out and place them in a design (like four in a square) on wrapping paper and them put a huge bow on top.

This is a really inexpensive way to decorate and kids love to help out.  You will get tons of compliments on your decor.  You can also use this concept on doors too!

Happy Decorating!  Would love to hear your ideas.



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