The Tampon Chandelier

The Tampon Chandelier

From the mind of Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos springs ‘The Bride’, a chandelier made of 14,000 wrapped tampons. I’d like to comment further, but I think it’s best I opt for decorum on this one. Via The Chandelier Blog.

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cindyAtStaged4more on Dec 28, 2007:

LOL. I didn't think after the tp wedding dress there would be a crazier thing, but there is!

DIY Maven on Dec 28, 2007:

Who knew a tampon chandelier could look so traditional, huh? ;) 

ruajennie on Dec 28, 2007:

Wow. I normally appreciate risky, bizarre art, but I'm thinking this one is beyond me. Oof. Strangely enough, it looks pretty from a distance, though.

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