Francois Legault's Utensil Lighting

Francois Legault's Utensil Lighting

What Montreal lamp designer Francois Legault does with recycled flatware is quite marvelous. The idea of using them to fashion lamp shades sounds simple enough. The outcome, however, is not. Pieces in his Kitchen Collection trick the eye, as the utensils seem to have been intricately woven to create a somewhat futuristic flatware fabric. (Is it just me or does the cube look like the Borg starship?)

His Blooming Spoons on the other hand, are completely charming. (The name alone puts a smile on my face.) For more information about Francois, visit his website. For more images of his creations, visit the UNIK Sculptural Lighting.

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Donna on Oct 12, 2014:

I absolutely love your website so many creative things to do !!

Donna on Oct 12, 2014:

absolutely love your website

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