Make Sea Biscuit Lights

Make Sea Biscuit Lights

From designer Kristen Cunningham comes this great and EASY tutorial to make completely fabulous sea biscuit lights. She defines them as patio lights, but they’d look charming on a mantel–especially in the summertime when the fireplace isn’t being used–or in the winter when you’re dreaming of warm days on the beach.


A string of clear fairy lights

Purchased sea biscuit shells (enough to cover each light on your string)

Hot glue gun and glue


1. Feed lights into the naturally-occurring holes in the back of the sea biscuits; hot glue into place.


2. Plug in lights and enjoy!

From HGTV.

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Jim on Nov 28, 2015:

Get sea biscuits from shell world in key largo fl keys.

completelycoastal on Mar 23, 2009:

Really nice, I wonder if I could hang them...


eichler on Dec 21, 2007:

Great idea.  Looks much cooler than the classic candle-in-bag luminari lights!

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