Top 12 Uses for Plastic Container Lids

Top 12 Uses for Plastic Container Lids

  1. Sink stoppers: placing a plastic lid over a drain will create a vacuum and keep the water in your sink or tub.
  2. Kid coasters: let the tykes monogram plastic lids to keep their glasses from getting mixed up and from sweating all over the table tops.
  3. Cupboard and refrigerator drip pans: shove one under your pepper mill to catch the excess pepper that sifts out the bottom. Ditto for honey containers and all those other drippy things in the fridge.
  4. Plant coasters: not only will they catch leaks, they’ll prevent rings on your furniture.
  5. Non-stick pan scrapers: they’ll remove the yuck without damaging your pan’s surface.
  6. Hamburger separators: slip lids between shaped patties before you freeze them, and then when it’s time to thaw them, they’ll be easy to separate.
  7. Paint catchers: cut a hole in a lid, slip the handle of your paint brush through it, and voila, a paint catcher thing-y.
  8. Plastic garbage bag closers: cut a slit in a plastic lid and then feed the top of your garbage bag through it for a securely closed bag.
  9. Paint palettes: plastic lids are a great way to manage your paints while doing those little craft projects.
  10. Glitter and bead management: if you're using loose glitter or beads for a project, keep them under control with an inverted plastic lid.
  11. Glue catchers: slip a lid under your hot glue gun to catch drips.
  12. Rust ring preventers: placing a plastic lid under your shaving cream will prevent the bottom of the can from making rust rings on your shower shelf or tub edge.

Some of these great tips come from RD.com.

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Ideas Woman on Oct 19, 2011:

New I was saving them for something :P !

Mike Kemp on Apr 18, 2011:

Oh the humble plastic lid has many uses around the home, garden and garage. The issue remains though that the original production method and waste causes such damage to the planet that researchers are continuing to explore improved methods for producing the plastic product that does not leave such damage on our planet earth.



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lukeand on Jan 14, 2008:

I use them almost daily beneath spoons used in cooking/stirring, so I don't have to lay them directly onto the counter.

DIY Maven on Dec 20, 2007:

That's a great idea, Melsky! Thanks for posting it!!

Melsky on Dec 20, 2007:

I use them as paint pallettes myself and they are great for that.  When I want to save a pallette wet, I spray it with water and put the bottom part of the container on top as the lid.

I could use the bottom part as the pallette and the lid as a lid, except that most containers are not shallow enough. 

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