How to Fold a Paper Santa

How to Fold a Paper Santa

This paper Santa is great for embellishing Christmas cards and gifts. Because he can stand on his own, he makes a sweet place setting. You could also add a tie to his hat and use him as an ornament. So versatile is this easy-to-fold little guy, you might want to make a bunch! Here’s how we do it:

I’m using a square of paper that’s white on one side and red on the other. Also, I used light weight scrapbook type paper, so Santa might look a little bulky for an origami figure.

With the white side up, fold diagonally in half one way. Unfold and then repeat as shown.

Unfold and flip over your paper. Fold one point about 2/3 the way down to the center fold.

Fold a thin strip down at the top.

Flip over your paper. Fold edges in to middle as shown.

Fold lower edges in to middle as shown. (You’ll want to get the edges really close or even overlap a little.)

Fold bottom up as shown.

Fold edges in; these act as Santa’s ‘stand’.

Flip over your paper. Tip and fold forward the top, as shown.

And we’re done! (I attached the name tag with a bit of sticky back tape.)

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juvi on Dec 01, 2011:

muuuuito fácil!! nem desenhando fica mais claro Priscila, é apenas uma folha. o triângulo grande vermelho surge quando vc dobra para cima como mostra na imagem, ok?! ;)

Priscila Ferrari on Nov 04, 2011:

muito mal explicado. são utilizadas duas folhas??? de onde surge o triângulo da nona figura?

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