How To Remove Oil Stains from Clothing and Fabric.

How To Remove Oil Stains from Clothing and Fabric.

Somehow, in the gravy making marathon of Thanksgiving 2007, I got splattered with a bit of olive oil. I feared not, however, for I knew there were good tidings of a great DIY solution.

1.Simply lay out your clothing on a flat surface where it won't be disturbed.


2.Liberally sprinkle baby powder onto the spot. 


3. Allow it to sit for 24 hours. Shake clean, or use masking tape to remove the powder. If the stain is still present, simply repeat the process until it goes away. Wash, and double check that there's no oil left before you dry as normal.

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MirandaJay on Dec 14, 2007:

I've had great success with using dishwashing liquid to get grease and oil stains out, especially fresh ones and even reducing the damage of set in and old ones.   Just dab some in and set aside until ready to wash!  If it's really bad I even throw a little of dishwashing liquid in the wash with the garment.

 I also tried shampoo as suggested on Teh Internets but that didn't work out so well.  

 I will try your baby powder trick ! 


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