A No Cost, Tangle Free Way to Store Holiday Lights.

Tree lights are notoriously nefarious. They get twisted and tangled and knotted, and the bulbs burn and short out. Some folks even avoid the frustration and purchase new sets each year. But with a little planning 'round New Years, your lights can be in perfect shape come tree time.

A No Cost, Tangle Free Way to Store Holiday Lights.


  • Rectangle of cardboard or shirt box lid/base
  • Utility knife
  • Cutting surface:scrap plywood, healing cutting mat, or workbench
  • String of lights

1.Using the utlity knife, cut 1 1/2" slot into the cardboard where indicated in the photo.


2.  It should look like this:

3. Slide one of the plugs into the top slot, and then evenly wrap the lights around the cardboard, securing the other plug in the bottom slot.

4. Repeat for each string, then store them vertically in a box or container with your ornaments or other decorations 

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Chris Gardner on Dec 07, 2011:

Derek - I've never gotten a single tangle. Been using the same cardboard sheets for years. Plus, it allows me to store them vertically in a box, like a filing cabinet.

Curious to try the ball method...

Derek on Dec 07, 2011:

You will still get them tangled with this method.  All you have to do it roll the lights into a tight ball.  Been doing it for years and have yet to have a single tangle.

DesigningMom on Jan 10, 2008:

Chris,I've used a similar storage system for our Christmas lights. Being that I worked for almost a decade in fabric stores I found a great way to store Christmas lights was on the plastic bolts/spools that lace and trim are wrapped on. Most fabric stores will be more than happy to save them for you. Ofcourse I use mine to store all the lace and trim I've bought too. ~ Becky <><

jauclair on Jan 10, 2008:

I started doing this many years ago, except I cut my corrugated into kind of a spool shape (flared at either end) to help hold the strings in place.

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