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A No Cost, Tangle Free Way to Store Holiday Lights.

by on Dec 12, 2007

Tree lights are notoriously nefarious. They get twisted and tangled and knotted, and the bulbs burn and short out. Some folks even avoid the frustration and purchase new sets each year. But with a little planning ’round New Years, your lights can be in perfect shape come tree time.


  • Rectangle of cardboard or shirt box lid/base
  • Utility knife
  • Cutting surface:scrap plywood, healing cutting mat, or workbench
  • String of lights

Christmas tree lights with a knife and yellow carton

1.Using the utlity knife, cut 1 1/2″ slot into the cardboard where indicated in the photo.

A yellow piece of paper with instructions of where to slice it at. 

2.  It should look like this:

A rectangle of cardboard or the lid/base of a shirt box

3. Slide one of the plugs into the top slot, and then evenly wrap the lights around the cardboard, securing the other plug in the bottom slot.

4. Repeat for each string, then store them vertically in a box or container with your ornaments or other decorations 

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