Color Quest: Underwater World

Blue Planet 

Went to one of my favorite sites this AM, Cuteoverload.com and found this gorgeous picture of turtle kisses. Of course, if you've seen my mural pics, you know I have a thing for the world just beyond the surface of the nearest big body of water. Growing up in Minnesota, can you blame me?

Color Quest: Underwater World

What amazing colors. The cooler colors have always appealed to me in home decor, clothing, and art, they are just so restful and soothing. There's also some beautiful patterning going on in their skin, shells, and the rocks behind them. The neutral colors break up the intensity a lot, and make this one artfully composed shot.

Could I translate this photo into a bedroom design?

Well a girl can try, can't she? 

I'd begin by painting the walls a warm sandy brown color, like the belly of the turtle on the right.

For the bed, start with a coverlet that combines the cool aqua color and interesting geometric pattern of their flippers. Throw in a pillow or two from the same collection in a different colorway.

Add a couple more pillows, and finish with a fabulous stripey throw.

= soothing turtle playground


I'd finish by tacking up some sequin garland around the door and window frames for a little underwater sparkle, and borrowing my roommate's underwater sounds CD.




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Botanist on Aug 11, 2008:

love the aqua/sea foam color! 

wideopengate on Nov 12, 2006:

I love to see people get home inspiration from nature.  I think you did well in your translation!

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