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How to turn a Carmex tube into a super secret stash keeper.

by on Dec 5, 2007


The cap is off of a bottle of Carmex.

What you need:

An empty tube of Carmex.
A knife.
A side cutter or sharp scissors.
A toothpick.
A cutting board.
A cup of boiling water.

What you do:

Over a cutting board, use the knife to pry off the bottom twisty part of the Carmex.


The yellow color carmex tube with a pin to make stash keeper.

Shove the toothpick in the bottom hole of the tube and push the interior cup out of the container.


DIY of using carmex tube.

Using the side cutter, cut the twirly stick where indicated.

A plastic screw with "cut here" written near its top.

Place all parts in a cup of boiling water to melt any leftover Carmex and to get rid of any cooties.
After a few minutes, drain the water.
Shove what’s left of the bottom portion into the bottom hole of the tube and press until the part snaps securely into place. 

Pry off the bottom twisting section of the Carmex with the knife over a chopping board.

Shove on the Carmex cap, and your super secret stash keeper is done. (Makes a great pill box or breath mint holder, when you want to carry something a bit more discreet. Note: the long edge of a US bill will have to be folded about 1/4″ to fit.)