How to Make Flip Flops Out of Paper

  1. Choose your material. It can be anything from newspaper to looseleaf the only requirement is that it is an entire sheet of paper or in long strips.
  2. Cut the paper into equal strips, about 1cm each. It is better when they are straight edged, so you could use a ruler and draw the lines or use a paper cutter. (If the page doesn't fit you can always fold it and cut)
    strips of used printer paper
    strips of used printer paper
  3. Trace your foot on a separate piece of paper. Be sure to hold the pen or pencil straight up and down while tracing or you might end up with a distorted version of your foot. You could also dip your foot in paint and have a footprint on a piece of paper, but that is much messier.
  4. Cut out your foot tracing.
    Tracing of a foot
    Tracing of a foot
  5. On another piece of paper, draw a flip-flop outline around your foot tracing, about how big you would normally want your flip-flops to be. (About a centimeter is a good distance)
    Flip Flop Outline
    Flip Flop Outline
  6. Take the strips of newspaper and weave them together. Take some strips of paper and clip them together with tape or binder clips. This will be side A. Take one strip and weave it through them perpendicularly, going over and under. Take another strip and weave the same way, but going under and over so the first strip is fixed in one place. Continue until the amount of strips on side B is the same as side A.
    Initial weave
    Initial weave
  7. Fold the outermost strip on side A so it is going in the same direction as side B and weave. Repeat, switching sides every turn. Continue until it is as long as your flip-flop shape.
    next step
    next step
    complete woven strip
    complete woven strip
  8. Trace the flip-flop shape onto what you have just created. Put tape on the lines you drew and cut out.
    cut out feet
    cut out feet
  9. Cut out "feet" in the shape of your flip-flop out of the newspaper, at least 30. (It sounds like a lot but if you fold the newspaper and then cut, it goes a lot faster. They do not have to be perfect, as long as they are not drastically too big) OPTIONAL: Wet them and let them hang to airdry for more comfort.
  10. Create your straps. Measure the distance between where the strap would hit between your first two toes and where it would hit on the side of your foot. Add about 2 inches. Create a strap the width you would like using the same weaving technique as before. Do the same for the other side.
  11. Tape the straps together so their ends line up, like attaching a pole to a tree for support, but leaving 1 inch loose.
  12. Create a hole between where your first two toes would be.
  13. Feed the straps through the hole, split them, and tape.
  14. Tape the other ends on the sides of your feet where you chose them to be.
  15. Create some 1" by 2" rectangles out of newspaper.
  16. Flip over your very thin flip-flop and tape the rectangles around the edge, sticking out a considerable distance so it looks like a sun.
  17. Place the stack of "feet" on top.
  18. Fold the rectangles around the "feet" and tape.



  • To find out how many strips you need to make step 6, measure the widest part of your flip-flop outline. Square it, then divide it by 2. Take its square root. Each side will be that wide.
  • You can use the comics to make them colorful. From WikiHow.


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wizodd on Dec 08, 2007:

Remember to save both the foot cutouts and the flip flop template for future projects.

You can order shoes online by sending an image of the foot cutouts to the vender and be assured of a better than fair fit (then all you have to worry about is the top of the she...


For an even more durable ones, use bonded shopping batgs (see  http://www.curbly.com/erinloechner/posts/2529-Fusing-Plastic-Bags-A-Tutorial-from-Etsy-Lab#newest_comment )


You won't need to weave them (although if you weave them and then fuse the layers, you will get a cooler look, and they might be stronger....) 

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