White or Silver Christmas Tree?

Well, the Curbly holiday posts have officially begun, so thought I may as well solicit the ideas of the Curbly geniuses before the pre-Holiday sales are over

The blue-spruce-alike Christmas tree and cutesy country ornaments and tree skirt I inherited from my family totally clash with my wish-it-was-space-age-modernism decor in our living room. And I love Christmas...I mean love Christmas, so it's pretty problematic, as our tree is up ASAP, and will remain so until mid-January.


So, this year = new tree. And I think I'm gonna go all out and get a not-green one.

White or Silver Christmas Tree?

We haven't decided between white or silver. White seems less offensive, but not as intentional. Silver may be overwhelming... I think white would have a tendency to look more one-dimensional and plastic: there's no variation in color or depth, as in a real tree. But silver may be too intense with lights (which is a must).

I know I won't be able to find one of those stylized aluminum trees from the 50s and 60s for an affordable price. So, would a "tree" shaped silver tree be overwhelming?

I think an ideal choice would be both silver and white needles on the same branches. Ever see one? A white tree with silver decorations might accomplish the same goal.

I'm all ears. 

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DIY Maven on Nov 08, 2007:

I say put it up as soon as you get it!!! (And then post pics, of course.)

Chris Gardner on Nov 08, 2007:

Update: We purchased a 6.5 foot aluminum tree from the early sixties on Ebay. It turns on they're not as expensive as I thought. It's en route, and I have no idea what to expect. Think it'll be too early to put it up when it arrives? 'Cause you know I'll have to open it up and check it out, and it'd be silly to put it up, then stash it only to put it up a week or two later.

roomsthatwork on Nov 08, 2007:

If you're going to go non-conventional....go all the way!  Go for the silver and bling it out the wazzoo!  Anyway, who are you concerned about offending?  It's your home, your holiday and your tree.  Have fun with it...and be sure to post your final selection!

Btw - have you ever seen trees hung upside down from the ceiling?  I'm not sure how you do it...but that could be very cool!

smbriones on Nov 02, 2007:

Walmart also has a silver tree. A 6' Retro Silver Tinsel Tree with LED color box.

smbriones on Nov 01, 2007:

If you'd like a silver tree similar to the vintage one above, urban outfitter's has this for $68.

ruajennie on Nov 01, 2007:

I've got a 4 foot tall vintage one (just like your photo on the left) and I don't find the silver overwhelming at all. If anything, I think Christmas is the time of year you can get away with something a bit more on the gawdy side. :) I say, have fun with it!

smbriones on Oct 31, 2007:

I think a white tree would be better because I think you can do more with it. While the silver tree is nice and modern by itself, it may be overwhelming and anything you put on it may get lost in all it's shinyness.

I think a good solution to wanting both things that a white tree and a silver tree would have to offer would be to get a white tree (which may be easier on your wallet) and put lots of silver ornaments on it. You could also give it more of a punch by adding in some ornaments that are your current favorite color. 

If you can find a tree with silver and white needles on it, that would be cool too. 

This tree out of Blueprint Magazine is nice. Maybe something like this would work for you: 


Image from: Blueprint Magazine

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