Celebrating Curbly's 1st Birthday: an interview with creator, Bruno Bornsztein

Celebrating Curbly's 1st Birthday: an interview with creator, Bruno Bornsztein

About a year ago, I answered an intriguing ad on Craig's List. The creators of a new website were looking for writers with a flair for DIY to help form a new online community. I shot off an e-mail and about a minute later I had a reply with a request to meet at a downtown coffee shop on Halloween 2006 to discuss the project. Thus, my relationship with Curbly began. Now, a year and more than 4 million page views later, I'd like you to join me in celebrating Curbly's coming of age!

To kick off our birthday celebration, let's take an in-depth look at the site's co-creator and administrator: the Great and Powerful Bruno. Bornsztein, that is; Bruno Bornsztein.

Hey Bruno! Happy Birthday!

Thanks! I can't believe how fast the first year has gone by!

So, what was the impetus for Curbly anyway?

My friend Ben and I wanted to start an online business, but we weren't sure what to build. After thinking about how much time and energy I spend on my own home, I realized a community for home improvement junkies would be the perfect thing to try.

The name 'Curbly' has been the subject of a lot of on-line chatter. How did the word originate?

Brainstorming! Coming up with a word that makes a good domain name and also communicates something about the site took a lot of work. It's a made up word, but we wanted it to have a real usage (i.e. "That's a curbly house"). I love seeing people use the word in lots of different ways.

What do you do in your real life when you're not DIY-ing?

Work on Curbly! I'm constantly looking for ways to improve and support the community at Curbly.com. My other hobbies include rock climbing and music.

Bruno refinishing

What DIY projects do you like to do? What's been your favorite? 

I don't like it, but I'm the resident plumber in our house. I guess I've learned a few things through 'trial by fire'. I also really enjoyed some of the Fix-Its projects Alicia and I have done.

Where did you get your DIY gene?

Legos! They taught me you can build anything you want, if you're just willing to be creative and stick with it.

Any new projects on the horizon that Curbliers should watch out for?

Curbly, LLC is expanding! We just launched a new site called Uncooped.com, which aims to do for outdoor-lovers what Curbly does for DIYers.

What do you see for Curbly's future?

We're looking to grow. Our traffic is up and the community is really thriving, so we'll be making some changes to adjust. A redesign is definitely in the works, as well as some fun new features I can't talk too much about! Of course, we're always open to ideas from the community on what to do next (send 'em over: bruno@curbly.com).

That's great! Can't wait to see wait to see where Curbly will be on its second birthday!!

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