Are Sliding Closet Doors Extinct?

Are Sliding Closet Doors Extinct?

The reason I ask is - I can't find them anywhere. When I started looking I figured they would be everywhere from designer stores to Lowe's and Home Depot at very reasonable prices - whomever - I found one place in NYC who would do them custom for $1,000 a door. I was thinking, not so much. Anyone have a clue where they are hiding?   

If so, let me know if the comments section below. Ohh, and while I'm thinking about it, I did find some room dividers that would be easy to put on tracks, which would work great too! 

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Anthony on May 27, 2011:

If you still have the doors, but the woodish part is cracked, holes, and such. Wood panaling is about same thickness. Just need to remove 4 or so screws and BEAT the meatl edges off with a RUBER hammer. The framing of the doors are just press fit. Reverse beating to put back to gether.  

joanne on Mar 11, 2011:

I had a real problem finding sliding louvered doors as well.  I had existing fixtures to support sliding closet doors, but couldn't find any and ultimately had to go custom as the doors at home depot and other big box vendors didn't fit my fixtures or just seemed cheap and flimsy.  I ended up finding Estate Millwork and used this site to design custom louvered doors to fit my closet shape and size.  They were a little bit more expensive, but worth the extre money.

Frustrated Door Installer on Jan 17, 2010:

Those nuporte grand doors from home depot may look nice but they're garbage.  I just purchased a set for myself and was more than a little annoyed that they're simply mdf covered with a thin layer of paper that looks like woodgrain.   Even worse, the track that comes with it is made for doors twice as thick so that you end up with a huge gap between the doors at the top but a much smaller one at the bottom.

In this case, you really get what you paid for.

Gina on Aug 26, 2009:

Sliding Doors OMG!!~~~  I have been shopping Home Depot and they did carry the Nuporte Door that I would like to have but they have discontinued them and I have been unable to find them anywhere in the state of Florida or Georgia.   In fact they will not even "Special Order" them for me since they no longer carry them.  I tried contracting Aura and they sell excusively to the Home Depot.  If anyone has other ideas please let me know.    Tks.

kestrel on Mar 26, 2008:

Sliding Closet Doors are far from extinct.  Something to keep in mind is that any door can be a sliding door.  All it takes is the correct hardware.  The only track hardware we supply with the doors we build is a commercial grade made by Johnson Hardware. This sliding door hardware actually latches on to the top of the door to prevent the door from coming off of the tracks.

created on: 03/26/08

These are our 3.1/2" fixed Californian Louver over Colonial Raised Panel with Series 138F Johnson Track Hardware.

kiddynomite on Nov 29, 2006:

Thanks! I actually was in Home Depot last night and found some that were rather nice, AND, cheap. They are called nuporte grand - aura designs and are sold exclusively at Home Depot. They have a site here: Aura Home Design or you can see them at Home Depot's site where you can order them too!

erikap on Nov 28, 2006:

IKEA has sliding doors for its PAX closet system in several finishes. Some of the items are mail-order if you don't have an IKEA nearby.  Hope this helps! -Erika

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