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DIY Sprinkler (Using Recycled Materials)!

by on Oct 9, 2007

I recently was given several boxes of ball-point pens, so here’s the first of several projects towards their re-use.

    1 20oz plastic bottle with cap
    1 universal male hose attachment (about $1.25 at the hardware store)
    15 used ball point pens
    Plumbing contact adhesive and sealant (such as Plumbing Amazing Goop)
    Electric drill
    3/8” drill bit
5/8” (or other) spade bit
Calipers or measuring tape
Utility Knife

Total Cost: $4.49 (for the Amazing Goop and the hose attachment).

1. Measure the thickest width of the hose attachment – most likely 11/16”. Drill a hole slightly smaller hole – 5/8”- in the center of the bottle cap.
2. Using the 3/8” drill bit, drill three rows of five holes into the bottle. Be sure to hold the bottle still so the bit won’t stray.
3. Remove the ball-point and ink insert from the pin, and use the utility knife to cut the pen to a 2” length, including the cone-shaped tips.
4. Insert the pins into the holes, about 1/2” in, and use the plumbing adhesive to secure them to the bottle. Work slowly, in a well-ventilated area, to ensure a watertight seal.
5. Glue the hose attachment to the hole in the cap, using glue on both sides to keep in water. Spread glue to the inside of the cap, and on the lip of the bottle. Twist the cap onto the bottle, and secure the seal with glue.
6. Twist on the hose, and sprinkle away.

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  1. i’d like to see it in operation – I think the pressure in my hoses would blow the pens out – great idea though:]

  2. Muuuuuy ingenioso lo haré para dárselo a la jardinera que riega mi parque.👍👍👍💕 pd si este accesorio girara seria espectacular. Lo intentaré. Geaciaaaas